Getting the Perfect Makita DCS6401 Gas-Powered Chain Saw

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Published: 09th March 2011
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When you work with a chainsaw, you are going to be doing tough work. But the work can be made a lot tougher if you do not have a good chainsaw. You will need a good chainsaw that can simplify your work and also you finish it faster, without tiring you or straining you much.

One chainsaw that you must consider before you make a decision to buy is the Makita DCS6401 Gas-Powered Chain Saw. This is one chain saw that is different, thanks to high power to weight ratio. This is more powerful than most in its class. This chain saw is an innovation of sorts.

The operation of this chainsaw is clean. Many users complain that the chainsaw spews dust and allows it clog the system. The Makita DCS6401 Gas-Powered Chain Saw is not like them as it double air filtration system, which few others have and hence makes clean operation possible.

If you were under the impression that gas powered chainsaws made a lot of noise when they worked, you were wrong. The Makita DCS6401 Gas-Powered Chain Saw is one that works quiet. It is designed to work smoothly and produces very little noise, unlike most other chainsaws.

The weight of the Makita DCS6401 Gas-Powered Chain Saw is only 14 pounds and there is an integrated chain brake provide with external chain sprocket. For its weight and size the 4.7 HP engine does a great job. Unlike other chainsaws, lubricating this chainsaw is easy.

If it is light but powerful chainsaws, which you are looking for then you need to look no further than the Makita DCS6401 Gas-Powered Chain Saw. This chainsaw is feature loaded and is not like any other chainsaw.

Compared to any chainsaw in its class, this one sells for a reasonable price and comes from trusted brand.

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